Heavy duty, quality construction 
with top of the line components.

Available QRS Models & Specifications

Quantum Roll Sheeter designs and manufactures roll sheeters for presses from 40” to 81”.

Medium Format
For use with 40”- 42” presses

Wide Format
For use with 51”-64" presses

Extra Wide Format
For use with 73”-81" presses

Standard Features

Quantum Roll Sheeters engineers and manufactures roll sheeters for the sheetfed printing press industry. We have models available for press sizes 40" to 81" providing a better alternative to traditional pre-cut sheet piles.

  • Heavy duty, quality construction with top of the line components
  • Operator friendly HMI and Controls
  • Straight back rail design or gear side non-rail access design to allow for pre-cut sheet piles when necessary
  • Shaftless roll stands make roll changes faster and safer, 3" core chuck (6" and 12" also available)
  • An advanced dancer with a unique "web up" feature saving time
  • Capable of handling plastic film and other synthetic materials with ease
  • Servo Drives and PLC Controls allow for smooth, consistent operation throughout
  • Safety features including interlocked guards and machine in motion warning signs
  • Integration designs for seamless installation to all sheetfed presses, new and existing
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